About ClosingLock

Removing Wire Fraud

from Residential & Commercial Real Estate


ClosingLock is the world's first and only secure method exclusively for sharing wire transfer instructions and other documents between closing companies and residential or commercial buyers and lenders. Approximately $1 billion is lost via wire fraud annually in the real estate industry alone.

ClosingLock is modernizing the real estate world's way of transferring information to eliminate wire fraud and protect buyers, lenders, real estate agents, and closing companies from loss.

For a very low cost, closing companies can provide their clients the convenient and secure use of ClosingLock, the new industry standard in sharing wire transfer instructions. Selecting wire transfer instructions and uploading any other client documents to the site is simple and easy, and keeps all parties involved safe from wire fraud and associated lawsuits.


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ClosingLock is the perfect solution.

No Hassle

With ClosingLock, no account registration or password is required for the buyer or lender. Buyers and lenders retrieve wire instructions using only their email address and selecting their closing company.


Stop wasting time with inferior methods like encrypted emails and phone calls which don't work. Remove the complexities and let us, the experts, secure your wire transfer instructions.


Encrypted emails and phone calls can't solve the problem. Both are easily spoofed and only provide an illusion of security. See our white paper for details: The Myths, Dangers, and Risks of Encrypted Email in Real Estate


All security. No hassle.


All wire instructions and other files are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit keys. AES is approved by the NSA and this encryption allows you to stay compliant with the CFPB and ALTA's Best Practices.

Rate Limiting

Logins are guarded by Google's reCAPTCHA, which prevents bots from performing brute-force dictionary-based attacks. In addition, front and back end systems automatically block malicious IP addresses which try to spam our servers.


We have strict password requirements for Users, making it difficult for hackers to brute-force. All passwords are hashed before being stored, making it impossible to decipher. Best of all, no passwords are required for buyers or lenders.

Limited Access

Closing companies have complete control of access to their account. Unlike email, which every closing company employee has, there is a limited number of employees with access to ClosingLock. Fewer accounts means fewer targets.


Multi-faceted solutions.


Secure document delivery. No more worries about phishing, hacking, or spoofing; all wire instructions from closing companies to buyers and lenders is shared securely through our site. No Users or Admins can modify the stored wire transfer instructions.


Simple pricing. Our low-cost, tiered pricing model works for any size closing company. We charge per file and invoicing occurs monthly. It's a very small price to pay to eliminate wire fraud. Contact us for more information: [email protected]


Easy to use. Closing companies provide us their wire instructions once and then simply select the appropriate wire instructions they need to share with buyers and lenders. Closing companies can also securely upload and share any other documents.


Improve efficiency. Closing companies replace emails and time-consuming phone calls by simply selecting their wire instructions. We notify buyers and lenders when their documents are available, allowing both to retrieve documents on their own time.

100% Satisfaction

Peace of mind. Closing companies never lose another client (buyer or real estate agent) due to wire fraud, even when it is not their fault. Buyers and lenders are protected knowing that their documents come securely from their closing company.


Your eyes only. We never disclose information about any transactions. All uploaded information is securely stored and accessible only by closing companies and their clients.


Increase in real estate wire fraud in 2017
Wire fraud per year
Average down payment


Built for security & simplicity.

Closing Company

Closing companies provide us their wire transfer instructions and designate Users who simply select the appropriate wire transfer instructions for each buyer or lender.

Closing company Users can add, notify, and delete buyers and lenders from the system. Closing companies also designate Admins who can add and remove other Admins/Users.

Buyer / Lender

No account creation or registration is required. To retrieve the wire transfer instructions, buyers and lenders simply log in on their own time using their email address and closing company.

Buyers and lenders can only view the wire transfer instructions for their transaction(s) and all information is securely protected. No more "secure" emails or tedious phone calls required!


Believe a bank or title company can recover wired funds
Average amount buyers are willing to spend on a service like ClosingLock
Prefer a title company that uses a service like ClosingLock


Three reasons to sign up today.


Multiple options exist to meet every closing company's needs. From custom buyer/lender login pages, to attaching notes and custom files for each client, our service works for any closing company.


This service is designed specifically with closing companies and buyers in mind. Because of the simplicity, there is no training necessary and closing companies can begin using it immediately.


This service seamlessly works alongside any closing companies' current systems. Instead of emailing or calling clients, closing companies simply select their wire transfer instructions.


How aware are you of the dangers of wire fraud in real estate?


If you became a victim of wire fraud, how likely are you to sue your title company?



Your brand matters.



We respect the brand of every closing company that uses ClosingLock. Closing companies can provide us their logo which is then prominently displayed to their buyers and lenders. With this custom branding, buyers and lenders rightly associate the closing company's brand with security.

Give it a try!


Replace alarming e-mail signatures.

Old E-mail Signature

Jane-DoeJane Doe
Escrow Officer
[email protected]

Demo Title Company
O: 555-555-5555

red-warningWire fraud is widespread in the real estate industry. Beware of emails and phone calls that appear to be from your real estate agent, lender or title company that instruct you to wire funds.

Protect your funds! Before wiring any funds contact our office directly, using the phone number that you know is valid for our office to verify emails and wiring instructions. Do not trust phone numbers in emails.
We understand this message is alarming but we are committed to protecting your funds.

ClosingLock Signature

Jane-DoeJane Doe
Escrow Officer
[email protected]

Demo Title Company
O: 555-555-5555

To protect you from wire fraud, Demo Title Company exclusively uses ClosingLock.com for communicating wire transfer instructions to you. Do not trust any other emails or phone calls that instruct you to wire funds.


What else does ClosingLock offer?

Complete White Labeling

Rebrand our service to your company, instead of featuring ClosingLock prominently.

Receive a custom login portal/URL, and send out automated texts/notifications which read

“YOUR COMPANY has uploaded wire instructions to YOURCOMPANY.closinglock.com. Please check your email for details.”

In addition, emails will come from [email protected]

Two-Way Document Sharing

Upload and share documents with clients; allow them to send docs back, all within the same simple program!

Automatic Text Notifications

Send out automated text notifications any time new documents or changes have been made to a client's file. The texts will prompt the client to login to ClosingLock to look at new documents.

Instant Email and Phone Number Verification

Our system instantly verifies email addresses and phone numbers, to make sure they are valid. If a digit is missing, or letters are transposed, the system will prompt you to review the invalid entry.

Personalized Notes Section

Include any personalized message you want to send to your client: closing costs, due dates, property address, or a quick thank you.


Fully functional demos.

Closing Company Demo

This demo will allow you to navigate ClosingLock as a closing company Administrator. As a closing company Admin, you can simulate adding, notifying, and deleting buyers. You will have full access to the Admin dashboard to see how simple and seamless our service is to use.

Buyer / Lender Demo

For the buyer/lender demo, you can view the documents uploaded by the demo title company in the same way real buyers and lenders do. This demonstrates how easy and seamless the process is for buyers and lenders. No account creation or registration is required!


Try out the service for as many or as few transactions as you'd like. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, cancel anytime.