Verify the identity of all relevant parties in a real estate transaction.

Instant and accurate identity verification

Fraudsters are impersonating sellers in an attempt to scam unsuspecting buyers out of funds. Vacant land, second homes, vacation and rental properties are among the most common targets.

But the jig is up! Closinglock’s identity verification stops seller impersonation in its tracks, leveraging a multipronged strategy to detect and eliminate fraud.


Verifies hundreds of data points across trusted, non-public data sources.


Scans driver’s licenses, passports, foreign government IDs and more.


Integrates into your existing workflow and usable at any time during closing.


Delivers instant results with details on what passed, failed and needs review.

A meticulous approach to stop seller impersonation

Users can verify their identity from their approved device in a few easy steps.

1. Know-Your-Customer (KYC)

In today’s digital age, Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) has become outdated due to spoofing, AI, web and social media scraping. Closinglock leverages KYC, which checks against trusted, non-public data sources.

2. Government ID analysis

Validate both US and foreign government IDs including driver’s licenses and passports. End users can easily scan the front and back of the ID which is then verified through the relevant authoritative database.

3. Additional lookups

With additional inputs including email, phone, date-of-birth, documents and more, Closinglock analyzes hundreds of datapoints so buyers, sellers and settlement companies can move forward with confidence.

A seamless experience for buyers and sellers

Identity verification can be requested at any point during the closing process, for both buyer and seller. With just a few quick and easy steps to complete, the verification process is done in a matter of minutes.

Expectations are outlined prior to starting the identity verification process.


Expectations are outlined prior to getting started

Upload a verified government ID (driver's license, ID card, passport etc.)


The type of government ID being verified is submitted

Scan the front and back of driver's license.


The front of the ID is scanned, followed by the back barcode

Provide additional information to perform additional identity checks.


Additional inputs are collected for further verification

Results and recommendations delivered instantly

Closinglock’s identity verification gets to work fast, immediately providing a detailed report (to the requesting agent) upon submission. This will include what checks passed, failed and need further review.

Summary results of identity verification.
Specific identity verification results with recommendations on how to proceed.

For specific checkpoints that did not pass, our report will provide a reason for the red flag and recommendations on how to best determine if fraud is involved.

"With land fraud at its all-time high, we are grateful for Closinglock and their new identity verification feature. We added this to our security risk checklist when dealing with any land transactions or out-of-state sellers. Our customers love that we take the identity of the seller seriously.”

Tanya Banovac

Sr. VP Escrow Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive the ID verification results?

The results from the ID verification are ready right away after cross-checking the information with many data points. When complete, an email relays the status—Passed or Needs Review. To gain further details of the results, simply log in to the Closinglock Portal.

Can KBA be used as a backup?

In the past, KBA worked great for verifying identities and other personal information. Now, however, it has too many breaches allowing fraudsters to pull off their scams. KBA lacks security, has a high drop-off rate, and uses publicly accessible information through web and social scrubbing. It will not give you the security you need to provide safe real estate transactions.

Can Closinglock’s ID Verification identify a fake ID?

Yes! Our system very carefully assesses the front and back of the ID, image and barcode, as well as uses optical character recognition to identify patterns as it pertains to other data points. We are able to determine whether it is a legitimate ID.

Closinglock has protected over $250B for clients in all 50 states.

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