Wire Transfer Security Software Integrations

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  • Protect your title company from wire fraud by securely sharing wire instructions with buyers & lenders, verifying wire instructions from your customers, and authenticating payoffs.
  • Eliminate the need to rekey data.
  • Auto-upload documents to FileScan.
  • Improve title company efficiency and productivity.
  • Completely automated from end to end.
  • Easily and instantly send and receive wire instructions with buyers, lenders, sellers, and agents.
  • Auto-upload documents to the Documents tab.
  • Improve title company efficiency and productivity.
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  • Securely share wire instructions and documents with buyers, lenders, sellers, agents and other contacts through SoftPro 360.
  • Create automation processes to automate the receiving of documents and certificates into SoftPro.
  • Automatically complete tasks in SoftPro and create new ones.
  • Allow your customers to easily eSign documents and have them automatically uploaded to the Attachments in SoftPro.


What do your integrations do for us as a title company?

  • Closinglock’s integrations with title production software save you time, make your company more efficient, and increase your productivity. Not only do you get the peace of mind our secure systems offer, ClosingLock has also developed integrations so that you receive all the benefits of our systems with no added effort.

What if I don’t see my title production software listed as an integration?

  • If you don’t see our title production software listed under integrations, please reach out to us. We may have an integration underway, or can add your TPS to our roadmap.