Secure Document Sharing & eSigning

Document Sharing

  • Securely share documents with clients and allow them to send documents back.
  • All wire instructions and other files are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit keys.
  • Up to 15 document uploads per file, at 35 MB each.
  • Protect your customer PII without the complexity of traditional secure email portals.
  • No document sharing via email means lower risk of downloading viruses in email attachments.
  • View timestamps and detailed logs of when files are sent, received, and downloaded.
  • Your customers can access and download on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.
screenshot of ClosingLock Buyer Intake Form


  • Request and receive tamperproof electronic signatures on pre-templated documents, or on unique single-use cases.
  • Review/edit any document before sending – even if it’s pre-templated.
  • Works with multiple clients and multiple signatures.
  • Customers can eSign on any device.
  • Receive a Signing Certificate with each completed document, which includes names, dates, email addresses, timestamps and IP addresses of devices used to sign the document.
  • Follows government compliance standards (e.g. ESIGN Act).


Why should my company use Closinglock for document sharing and eSigning? We already have a vendor.

  • Closinglock allows you to streamline multiple platforms down to one. No need for additional eSigning or document sharing vendors on top of your fraud prevention vendors.

Is eSigning easy for my customers to use?

  • Not only can your clients eSign on any device, but using Closinglock for document sharing and eSigning means your customers only have one single portal they have to interact with and log into. In addition, Closinglock was designed with your customer’s valuable time in mind, so it requires no app download, registration, or password from your customers.

Is eSigning easy from the title company’s perspective?

  • Yes, not only can you use our simple drag and drop interface to create one-off documents that need signed, your Closinglock account manager can also help you create pre-templated documents that can be used over and over again.