About Us


Andy White, Ph.D.

Andy is the Co-founder and CEO of ClosingLock. He holds a master's degree in Electrical Engineering, along with a Ph.D. in Computer and Electrical Engineering. Andy has been awarded 7 patents in the computer hardware and software industries, and is also included as the inventor on 5 additional patent applications. He has papers on parallel algorithms published in international scientific journals, and is considered an industry expert in parallel processing, machine learning, and heterogeneous computing.

Abigail White
VP of Business Development

Abby is the Co-founder and VP of Business Development of ClosingLock. She holds a degree in journalism from Auburn University, and has professional experience in marketing, copywriting, and sales. She has writings published with multiple digital publications. While working as the marketing director of two different real estate teams in Austin, TX, she and Andy learned about wire fraud in real estate, and decided to create a solution to protect buyers, sellers, lenders, real estate agents, and title companies.

Our Story

ClosingLock began in February of 2017 when Abigail was working on a real estate team in Austin, TX. After learning that one of the team's clients had received phishing emails with fake wire instructions, she went home and talked with her husband, Andy, about what had transpired. While researching the problem, they discovered that emailing wire instructions was standard in the title industry. The two quickly worked to develop a secure, simple solution for the title industry. From there, ClosingLock was born.

Today, ClosingLock provides the industry-leading solution for securely sharing wire information, while remaining simple and intuitive for the end user. In 2018 alone, ClosingLock protected more than $6.3 billion in real estate transactions. Now, ClosingLock's platform is used by over 500 title agents, with clients across all 50 states and 28 countries.