BuyerDocs to Rescue Residential and Commercial Real Estate from Wire Fraud

AUSTIN Texas (June 2017) –¬†With wire fraud stealing millions of dollars from the real estate industry each year, BuyerDocs is here to facilitate the safe and worry-free transfer of documents between title companies and residential or commercial buyers.

This service is for title companies, buyers, and real estate agents who want to ensure payments are not lost through hacking, phishing, or spoofing scams. Avoiding all email interaction, title companies upload wire transfer documents to our secure website, where buyers login and retrieve the information on their own time. Buyers have no chance of losing their payments, real estate agents no longer lose their commission, and title companies are viewed as secure and reliable.

About BuyerDocs
BuyerDocs is an Austin-based company with the goal of eliminating wire fraud from residential and commercial real estate. For more information about BuyerDocs, please visit

For more information, contact:
Abigail White
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