Instant and Accurate Identity Verification

Seller fraud is on the rise. Fraudsters are impersonating sellers in an attempt to scam unsuspecting buyers out of funds. Vacant land, second homes, vacation and rental properties are among the most common targets.

But the jig is up! Closinglock’s identity verification stops impersonators in their tracks, leveraging a multipronged strategy to detect and eliminate fraud. The verification is processed immediately and results are delivered in a matter of minutes, so settlement companies, buyers and sellers can move
forward with confidence.


Our best-in-class tools analyze hundreds of datapoints across trusted, non-public data sources.


Scan multiple types of documents including driver’s licenses, passports, and foreign government IDs. 


Integrate identity verification into any workflow to ensure security without compromising convenience.


Results are delivered immediately with a detailed report of what passed, failed and needs review.

Fraud-free transactions on a single platform

ID Verification

Protect all parties with instant and accurate identity verification.


Receive earnest money deposits and cash-to-close as Good Funds.

Wire Instructions

Send and receive wire instructions through a secure portal.

Payoff Verification

Verify loan payoff accounts and routing numbers in real time.


Two-way secure document sharing and communication.


Request and receive government-compliant eSignatures.