Secure closings from start to finish

Start the new year off right by solidifying your fraud prevention strategy. By modernizing the transfer of funds and information in real estate, Closinglock is helping title companies, law firms and financial service providers overcome critical challenges ranging from wire fraud to seller impersonation.

From secure cash-to-close payments to identity verification, Closinglock has the tools you need for safe and seamless transactions. And if you’d like to see how Closinglock works and if it’s a good fit for your business, request a quick product demonstration and we’d be happy to show you. 

Westcor agents receive 50% off their one-time implementation fee. Connect with your Westcor rep for additional discounts.


Maintains the highest level of security with SOC 2, Type II compliance and 256-bit AES encryption.


Reduces time spent on phones and manual processes; Instantly verifies wire instructions, accounts and identities.


Integrates with leading Title Production Software including SoftPro, Resware and RamQuest.


Has protected over $220 billion (and counting) for title companies and law firms in all 50 states.

Fraud-free transactions on a single platform

ID Verification

Protect all parties with instant and accurate identity verification.


Receive earnest money deposits and cash-to-close as Good Funds.

Wire Instructions

Send and receive wire instructions through a secure portal.

Payoff Validation

Verify loan payoff accounts and routing numbers in real time.


Two way secure document sharing and communication.


Request and receive government compliant eSignatures.