WEBINAR: Payoff Fraud Revealed

Thursday, April 18, 2024 | 1pm CT

According to the latest FBI IC3 report, a staggering $2.9 billion was lost to business email compromise (BEC) in 2023, up $550 million from two years prior. With no signs of slowing down, cyber criminals are on the hunt for big paydays. That’s where mortgage payoffs come into play.

But you don’t have to fall victim to this brand of fraud. In this webinar, we’re joined by Lea Johnson, Director of Accounting at Proper Title, to discuss the tactics used to commit payoff fraud and what to look out for, as well as proactive measures you can take to protect your transactions.

April Gentry

Director of Partnerships

Bill McGinn

Senior Account Executive

Lea Johnson

Director of Accounting
Proper Title