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Real Estate Wire Fraud Statistics

Real estate wire fraud is growing leaps and bounds in recent years, with seemingly no end in sight. No one thinks they’ll be a victim of wire fraud, but criminals are becoming increasingly savvy in their schemes, using technology to spoof phone numbers and emails and preying on the fact that most homebuyers are on…

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How to Avoid Wire Fraud in Real Estate

Real estate wire fraud is becoming increasingly common throughout the United States. Data from the Federal Trade Commission shows an 1100 percent increase in mortgage-related wire fraud from 2015 to 2017. Even savvy consumers fall prey to these scams, so it’s important for everyone involved in the property transfer process to be aware of the…

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ClosingLock Offers Instant Loan Payoff Verification

AUSTIN, Texas (JUNE 1, 2020) – ClosingLock is the world’s leading online service for protecting settlement companies from real estate wire fraud. Now the real estate tech company also offers Instant Payoff Verification (IPV). READ MORE →  

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