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Passcodes, Shared Documents, and Security

BuyerDocs is constantly working to add new features to improve our service’s ease of use for title companies/attorneys and their customers. Title companies/attorneys are now able to add notes for their property buyers, and attach and send documents other than wire instructions. On top of everything else, property buyers can even send documents back to their title company or closing attorney office.

As an added touch, title companies/attorneys can independently choose to enable phone notifications, notes sections, and shared documents from their own settings page. So feel free to opt in for phone notifications, but skip out on notes. Or choose to take advantage of shared documents, but not phone notifications or notes. It’s all up to you. BuyerDocs is all about ease of use and customization.

However, that’s not all we’ve added to our system. Now, property buyers who log in to BuyerDocs to receive their wire instructions will receive a passcode via phone number provided to the closing company. Depending upon the type of phone number provided, the code will either come in via text message or automated phone call, using Google’s newest text-to speech API. This new technology incorporates the latest Machine Learning networks to create realistic voices and BuyerDocs is one of the first companies in the world to utilize this new and exciting technology. This passcode locks down the buyer login to prevent unwanted access, and best of all, it is free of charge for our customers! Please note that the passcode feature is optional, and title company/attorney clients must contact BuyerDocs to enable it.

Stay tuned to learn about additional improvements and added features to the BuyerDocs arsenal.